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During an escort mission to Poznan, Poland, Capt. Robert S. Johnson and his wingman were jumped by 8 Focke Wulf 190s. Fighting to an altitude of less than 200 feet and with his belly tank frozen in place, Capt. Johnson slowly outmaneuvered and chopped away at one skilled German pilot. "He was good, damned good," recalled Johnson. "I wasn't going to let him escape to fly against American bombers again." Johnson made sure he didn't. Seconds later the concentrated fire from eight .50 caliber machine guns blew the Nazi aircraft and pilot to bits-victory number 23 for Johnson.


Lt. Col. Robert S. Johnson was the 4th highest scoring American Ace of WWII. He was the first American pilot in the European Theater of Operations to break Eddie Rickenbacker's WWI record of 26 kills. Lt. Col. Robert S. Johnson finished the war with 27 confirmed victories.

"No Escape"

  • Marc Stewart