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"Wolfpack Leader Downs Five" - Jerry Crandall - P-47 Thunderbolt 56th Art
"Wolfpack Leader Downs Five" - Jerry Crandall - P-47 Thunderbolt 56th Art

Jerry Crandall

Jerry Crandall's special love of history, fascination for artifacts and honest dedication to research, bring reality into each of his paintings. His creations sparkle with clear realism, are painstakingly rendered, possess underlying technical accuracy and strive for historical authenticity.

Crandall was born in La Junta, Colorado, near Bent's Fort on the Santa Fe Trail. Because of his expertise on the American West, he served as Historical Consultant for the early segments of the TV series CENTENNIAL and also for the Charlton Heston movie THE MOUNTAIN MEN. A member of the Screen Actor's Guild, Crandall enjoys working in the movies, recently appearing in the highly acclaimed movie TOMBSTONE as well as several nationally televised commercials.

He worked at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company as an aviation artist; has been a guest on numerous radio and television talk shows including the NBC Sunday Show in Los Angeles twice, and the MIKE DOUGLAS TELEVISION SHOW. He was a guest on the Navy Carrier USS Nimitz gathering first-hand knowledge of modern-day Naval operations. Featured articles about the artist and his work have appeared in many magazines: PRINTS, COLLECTORS MART, SOUTHWEST ART, MAN AT ARMS, AIR CLASSICS, INTERNATIONAL AIR REVIEW, US ART, and THE CHALLENGE AVIATION ART SERIES.

Listed in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN ART, THE INTERNATIONAL WHO'S WHO OF CONTEMPORARY ACHlEVEMENT, and WHO'S WHO IN THE WEST, he is also listed in CONTEMPORARY WESTERN ARTSTS. Too, his pieces can be found in many private as well as museum collections such as the CONFEDERATE AIR FORCE, Midland TX; NATIONAL AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM, DC; USAF MUSEUM DAYTON; NAVAL MUSEUM, Pensacola; MONINO AIR MUSEUM, Moscow; and the HQ of the Italian Air Force. He is a member of ASAA, The Luftwaffe Circle, The Luftwaffe Verband, IPMS, FRIEND of the AMERICAN FIGHTER ACES, the 91st BOMB GROUP, THE GEMEINSCHAFT DER JAGDFLIEGER, among others.

In addition, he has amassed a rather large collection of rare photos of WWII aircraft, personal interview tapes and videos with pilots and crew members, actual aircraft parts and other aviation related memorabilia. This continual research and catalog of documentation materials create the foundation for his series of books on Luftwaffe color and markings. Each volume will feature full color profile paintings, hundreds of rare period photographs and information about the pilots and their machines.

There exists an excitement about his paintings which represents a culmination of his study, research and knowledge gained from first hand accounts through a multitude of interviews with those who were there. He is a true collector, an intense historian and a talented artist; an electrifying union producing thrilling, rich expressions of history, past and present.

Jerry Crandall S/N Limited Edition Print "Wolfpack Leader Downs Five"

As his salute to the 56th Fighter group, historical artist Jerry Crandall has captured Col. David Schilling in his P-47 “Hairless Joe” when he encountered over 100 bogeys 23 Dec. 1944. After multiple vectors, Schilling added 3 Bf 109s and 2 Fw 190s to his victory tally. This would be recognized as a record day not only for Col. Schilling but for the group as well as they downed 37 E/A in an historic air battle over Bonn, Germany.

Schilling assumed command of the 56th after Col. Hub Zemke. He ended the war as a top ace with 22.5 aerial and 10.5 ground victories. This highly respected leader was killed in a 1956 auto accident in England.

This 18 3/4" X 26 1/4" image size print, 22 5/8" X 29 1/4" overall, limited to 950, is signed by the artist and co-signed by six leading 56th Fighter Group Aces all now USAF (ret.); Col. Hubert “Hub” Zemke, Col. Francis “Gabby” Gabreski, Lt. Gen. Gerald Johnson, Lt. Col. Roberts S. Johnson, Col. Walker “Bud” Mahurin and Col. Frank Klibbe.

This print is also available as an Artist Proof (limited to 56) - $295

All Limited Edition prints are signed and numbered (S/N) by the artist. Limited Edition prints are restricted to a certain number. For example, if 400 prints are made from an original painting, once they’re gone, that’s it. There is no limit to the number of open edition prints of a particular painting. That’s why Limited Edition prints are more expensive — and more valuable to collectors — than "open" edition. Rare objects are more valuable.

An Artist’s Proof (AP), generally, is the first 5% - 10% of the Limited Edition prints that come off the press. This status is noted on the print. Collectors prefer APs because their value increases even more than a Limited Edition as time goes by.

All Limited Edition artwork is subject to availability at time of order. Although seller strives to remain currrent as to inventory, seller reserves the right to cancel a sale if item is no longer available at time of purchase.

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